All investments are exposed to risks. A simple definition of risk is the likely that you will lose money or don’t receive an income. Before investing, please enter that you understand the risks that you are taking. The company “Dominant investors” lists possible risks, but it may be incomplete.

Risk of execution of investment strategies

The company “Dominant investors” will invest in shares and crypto currency, which is fraught with risk. Despite the fact that the company “Dominant investors” will try to manage these risks using monitoring of investments and stop orders, there can be no guarantees that the purchased shares or crypto currency will bring revenue and won’t lead to significant losses.

Risk of shares and crypto currency

Historically, stock prices and crypto currency prices grew and fell with a cyclical periodicity. US stock markets and crypto currency market have experienced periods of high volatility in the past, which may happen again in the future.

Market risk

It happens that the market value of a security can change sharply and unpredictably. It is these changes, which often correlate with “volatility”, can be the cause of a decline in the value of a stocks and crypto currency. Market risk can affect one issuer, industry, product, economy or the entire market. Market risk is a common term for most investments.

Remortgage and transfer of ownership of assets

A broker(s) , crypto currency exchange and/or a related with them group of companies can borrow and lend, etc., using investor’s money and other assets for their own purposes and can take such investments as collateral. Such assets won’t be in the ownership of the Investor and in case of a bankruptcy of the broker or crypto currency exchange may pass into ownership of the broker’s or rypto currency exchange creditors. As a result, the Investor can’t return these assets completely.

Lack of guarantees

There are no guarantees that the fulfillment of the investment objective or strategy with respect to the Investor’s assets will be successful. A substantial or complete loss of funds is possible.