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Dominant Investors investment service analyzes over 7,500 thousand companies on the Nyse and Nasdaq stock exchanges and selects assets with the most powerful fundamental and technical parameters

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    You do not need to spend time
    researching the market, analyzing the
    news and studying the fundamental
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    Dominant Investors gives you access to
    the list of stocks that have the greatest
    growth potential and specific entry
    points with the optimal level of risk and
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    You simply need to choose an asset with
    the level of profitability you would like to
    receive, and wait for the exact trading
    signal to make a deal
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    Evaluation and selection of assets is carried
    out according to a method whose
    effectiveness has been proved by Nobel
    Prize Laureate in Economics Daniel
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    We do not urge you to trust our analytics
    and trading signals, we urge you to check
    our trading system and make sure of its
    effectiveness first hand!
  • That’s all Dominant Investors service provides you with!

Get access to the list of shares that are market leaders and have huge growth potential

Only 1% of the 7,500 companies have really strong growth potential. We use advanced analytical tools to find these stocks and provide you with this list

Use high-precision trading signals generated by a neural network that tell you when to buy, when to sell and when to take profits


A wide cross-section of the company's financial indicators is uploaded to the neural network, which evaluates the data, compares them, assigns a certain weight to each parameter and makes a forecast about the company's growth potential, stop loss level and the optimal point of purchase of an asset

Become a part of the individual
investors community

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    View investment portfolios of top investors
    from the rating

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    Get high-quality investment ideas from investors
    with the highest return on investment portfolios

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    Ask questions to more experienced investors and traders to
    improve their own investment strategy


About us

Dominant investors brings together more than 1,000 individual
investors on the US stock exchanges and investors in the
cryptocurrency market.

Here is our clients’ feedback:

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  • You will make money by Gregg B. Clark

    The service does exactly what is said in the description. I bought Twitter Inc for $ 29 and sold it at a price of $ 44. This was the fastest 51 percent profit. I highly recommend the Dominant investors!

    23 Sep 2019

  • Best investment service by Timothy T. Lester

    I bought the most expensive market analytics, an app for trading signals, market trend signal and top stock. None of these app and service can compare with Dominant investors. Causes:
    1. An excellent analytical system - the answers to all my letters ... gives an explanation for every decision it makes.
    2. Exact trading signals tell you when you need to BUY, SELL, STOP LOSS, for each stock. It provides a history of all transactions that provide trust. I made one deal and already paid for the purchase. I promise that if you try it for a month, you will get a good profit …

    27 Jul 2019

  • Strong financial partner by John K. Newell

    Great investment service. Trading signals are worth every cent. Dominant provided excellent support. I made 4000 dollars, show me one more service that can do it!

    15 May 2019

  • Love it by Dora S. Knapp

    I LOVE this service with a minimalistic design that makes this service very intuitive and understandable. It provides excellent customer service, very accurate market analysis and excellent stocks. As I already said I LOVE this service, if you are an investor, I highly recommend it!

    3 May 2019

  • Stellar!!! by Kevin A. Brown

    Made 85% in 2019! This investment service is a real master when collecting hot stocks, which quickly move in a very short time! Anyone who is serious about making money and learning to trade correctly should consider buying. The costs of buying are simply ridiculous in relation to money made in the market. The service is very convenient and constantly improved, so it is very valuable. Enjoy!

    28 Apr 2019

  • Useful and professional by Ronald C. Lindsey

    Very easy to use. Good analytics of fast-growing companies. I highly recommend!

    19 Apr 2019


All that an individual investor needs is
combined in one service

  • You get a list of companies that have
    tremendous growth potential at the
    moment and are market leaders

  • You get high-precision trading signals that
    tell you when to buy, when to sell and
    when to take profits

  • You can determine the rating for any asset
    using a universal screener to
    know when to buy, hold or sell shares from your
    investment portfolio

  • You become part of the individual
    investors community and get the
    opportunity to communicate and learn
    from more experienced sites

Starting to use the Dominant investors service today, you will start making money in the stock market right from today and avoid mistakes that can lead to losses of tens or hundreds of thousands dollars


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    Access to the list of crypto assets
    with the highest growth potential

    Today is free

    Regular cost 300$

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    Trading signals for
    crypto assets

    Free today

    Regular cost 200$

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    Access to a private
    investors club

    Today is open only to customers
    Dominant investors

    Usually not provided

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    Access to the product Portfolio
    management on a personal brokerage
    account (carried out by winners of
    investment tournaments "Global
    investment tournaments")

    Today 0%

    Usually a management fee of 5% of
    the deposit

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    Access to investor academy study

    Free today

    Regular cost 500$

  • Try Dominant
    investors right now
    at a special cost

Do not miss the opportunity to make money in a strong bull market because the winter might be coming!

  • 3 months

    29.99 $

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    49.99 $

    Regular 90 $ / Save 40$

  • Year

    89.99 $

    160 $ per year / Save 70$

If you are not satisfied with the quality of our service in the first week of use, we will refund
you the full cost of any package you bought!