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Application "Dominant investors" analysis more than 7.500 thousand shares on US stock market from various industry groups and sectors of the economy, and selects the companies that are market leaders and have huge growth potential.

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    You do not need to spend time to market research, news noise and studying the technical indicators
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    The app gives you access to the list of stocks that have the greatest growth potential and specific entry points with the optimal level of risk and profit
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    You just need to select the volume of shares to buy and send a trading order to your personal brokerage account
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    Evaluation and selection of assets is carried out according to a method whose effectiveness has been proved by Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics Daniel Kahneman

What stocks would you invest $10,000 in 2017?

Your income would
be $0 in 2022

Build your portfolio of aggressive growth
stocks with Dominant investors app

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Get access to the list of shares that are market leaders and have huge growth potential

Less than 1% of shares have a growth potential of more than 100%. We use advanced analytical tools to find such companies and to provide you this list.

Use high-precision trading signals that tell you when to buy, when to sell and when to take profits


Our trading signals are generated by a unique algorithm built on the basis of the Follow the Trend strategy. We are using the system of Moving Averages with exponential averaging, the founder of which is Edward Arthur Seykota

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of the our private investors club

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    The return on the investment portfolio of one of the best investors $762 000

    View investment portfolios of top investors from the rating

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    The total profitability of trade transactions amounted to more than 800% per year

    Get high-quality investment ideas with the optimal level of risk and profit

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    24/7 access to chats with professional traders

    Ask questions and get guiding in bull or bear markets


About us

Dominant Investors Club brings together
1,000 individual investors in the stock market.

Here is our members’ feedback:

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  • You will make money by Gregg B. Clark

    The one who owns and manages this service is not my relative, and I have no relationship. I write this simply to thank them for what they have done for me. I consider myself a professional trader with 12 years of experience. However, I feel that there is something missing in my trading methods, such as the stunts on Wall Street. I was with Jim Kramer and Emmet Savage, I earn 10% of the profits, and the next day I lose my profit, and I also had a loss from another fund. BUT, when I joined Dominant investors club, I received an absolute high-end service. If it would cost $ 1,000 or more, I agree to pay. Just look at their history. I DOUBLE my money within 2 months of working with Dominant investors . I recommend this service for traders with experience and traders without experience. Every word I said in this review is absolutely honest. I wish I could give them 100 stars instead of 5. Join us, guys, today before tomorrow. Go aboard the money train. Good luck to all of you. Thank you Dominant investors for all your hard work and go on!

    23 Sep 2019

  • Best investment service by Timothy T. Lester

    I bought the most expensive market analytics, an app for trading signals, market trend signal and top stock. None of these app and service can compare with Dominant investors. Causes:
    1. An excellent analytical system - the answers to all my letters ... gives an explanation for every decision it makes.
    2. Exact trading signals tell you when you need to BUY, SELL, STOP LOSS, for each stock. It provides a history of all transactions that provide trust. I made one deal and already paid for the purchase. I promise that if you try it for a month, you will get a good profit …

    27 Jul 2019

  • Strong financial partner by John K. Newell

    Great investment service. Trading signals are worth every cent. Dominant provided excellent support. I made 4000 dollars, show me one more service that can do it!

    15 May 2019

  • Love it by Dora S. Knapp

    I LOVE this service with a minimalistic design that makes this service very intuitive and understandable. It provides excellent customer service, very accurate market analysis and excellent stocks. As I already said I LOVE this service, if you are an investor, I highly recommend it!

    3 May 2019

  • Stellar!!! by Kevin A. Brown

    Made 85% in 2019! This investment service is a real master when collecting hot stocks, which quickly move in a very short time! Anyone who is serious about making money and learning to trade correctly should consider buying. The costs of buying are simply ridiculous in relation to money made in the market. The service is very convenient and constantly improved, so it is very valuable. Enjoy!

    28 Apr 2019

  • Useful and professional by Ronald C. Lindsey

    Very easy to use. Good analytics of fast-growing companies. I highly recommend!

    19 Apr 2019


All that an individual investor needs is
combined in one service

  • You get a list of companies that have
    tremendous growth potential at the
    moment and are market leaders

  • You get high-precision trading signals
    that tell you when to buy, when to sell
    and when to take profits

  • You build your personal portfolio of
    aggressive growth stocks with unrivaled returns

  • You become the member of the private
    investors club and receive support and
    mentoring from more experienced


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    Access to Independent Stock
    Market Research

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    Regular cost $700

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    Check list “The strategy of investing
    in stocks aggressive growth”

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    Regular cost 140$

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    Access to the library with the best
    books about the stock market

    Free For You

    Regular cost $180

Limited offer for 200 new users only!

Annually subscription + Web version for the price of only app



  • How can I contact you?

    For any questions, you can write to the customer support team in our app or e-mail us:

  • When does the technical support work?

    Working hours of technical support : Monday through Friday from 09:30 a.m. to 04:00 p.m., NYC time.

  • Who may help me to come to grips with the matters related to the investment strategy and trading system?

    By purchasing a subscription to our investment service, you can contact our experts in your personal account by clicking the "Ask a question" button or in our app under the "Support" tab.

  • What should I do if I forgot my data for personal account logon on the web-site?

    Please contact our technical support service by e-mail in order to recover your data.

  • What should I do if I forgot my data for application logon?

    You may use the button “Forgot password?” on the authorization page of the application or contact us by e-mail in order to recover your password.


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